Will Real Estate Agents Overvalue Your Home to Win Over a Listing?


Watch the outcome for a client who chose to use a real estate agent
instead of the Senior Home Purchase Program!

  • Potential Senior Home Purchase Program client had a medical condition and was getting worse quickly. He needed to transition to a senior living community rather quickly.
  • The house was not in great condition, wasn’t clean or well kept. The house was in no condition to be listed on the market.
  • Senior Home Purchase Program offered to buy the home for $443,000, with a close date of November 18.
  • However, a real estate agent came in to the picture and told the potential client he could get $550,000 for his home.

Pictures Before Sale Of Home

  • Three months later (January 18) the house was finally listed...at $549,000.
  • The house was not ready to be listed three months prior due to the prep for sale work that was needed.
  • Judging by the pictures from the listing, $10,000-$20,000 was spent on home renovations.
  • The home sold on February 12 for $485,000.
  • ESTIMATED COSTS: 5-6% real estate agent commission, with an additional 1-1.5% for closing costs, which comes to a total of $34,000.
  • The home sold on February 12 for $485,000.
  • Therefore, the net proceeds to the home owner were $436,000.

Pictures Of Home From Real Estate Listing


In this scenario, had the homeowner chosen to capitalize on the Senior Home Purchase Program, he would have walked away with more money ($443,000 vs. $436,000) and saved three months of time and unnecessary stress.

Are you looking to sell your home in a quick and efficient manner so you can transition into a senior community? The Senior Home Purchase Program will purchase your home, as-is, in as quick as 30 days and simplify your life. Click the button below to learn more.

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