Why are Seniors Choosing San Diego as their Next Home?

4 million people retire every year.

Just over 700 thousand people across the nation are experiencing the advantages of senior living communities. Occupancy rates are at 89%, and the number of new facilities continues to grow to meet the demand as over a quarter of of the US population enters retirement. So why are so many seniors choosing San Diego as their next home? Let's take a closer look.

National Geographic labeled San Diego the "smart city".

There is always something new to learn about and see in San Diego. They pride themselves on their libraries, museums and institutes. It's a well known fact that as we age, staying active and learning new things is important. According to extensive research, active learning keeps the mind sharp, improves memory and increases independence and self confidence. Today's active seniors enjoy living in a city that loves learning as much as they do.

The weather forecast is reliable.

Those who live in San Diego can expect pleasantly warm and sunny weather all year round. Sunshine is just good for the soul. It improves the mood and just makes us want to get out and enjoy the day. With so much to do in San Diego and a phenomenal transportation system to get them where they want to go, today's active senior can get out and play.

It's a great place for kids -- of all ages.

There is something for everyone in San Diego. The kids and grandkids will want to make the trip and visit as much as they can. With zoos, parks, beaches, Sea World and out of this world attractions, the seniors here never get bored -- and often have trouble keeping their families away.

The view is inspiring.

San Diego is packed with beautiful people like you and amazing places to see, smell, hear and touch. Taking it all in can be a little overwhelming at first. With open water, pristine beaches, urban gardens, Carlsbad flower fields, and stylistic architecture, you'll just want to enjoy the moment. Seniors here feel inspired and renewed on a daily if not minute by minute basis. They find their favorite places and constantly discover new things to do and see.

Healthy living is celebrated.

San Diego has a healthy and active culture. You won't find it difficult to stay active, healthy and strong with so much around you to do and see. You'll be inspired and encouraged by the friendly people. Do you want to find the yoga class that's perfect for you? You'll find it. Enjoy walking, running, surfing, martial arts and experiencing life with many types of interesting people? It's here. Do you enjoy a stroll through the farmer's market? They are everywhere. San Diego is the place that seniors embrace and are embraced by a healthy lifestyle that encourages everyone to live life to its fullest.

Why choose a senior living
community in San Diego?

It's the "smart city". You'll never stop learning. The weather is amazing. It's the city for all ages. There is something for everyone; be inspired and awed. From tranquil to bustling, you'll find it here. They celebrate health and life. You may be surprised what a move to San Diego does for the body and soul. This is the place that encourages living life to fullest no matter where you are in life. If you are looking for it, you'll find it here in San Diego.

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