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Top 3 Ways Technology Helps Seniors Stay Connected During COVID-19

With over 200,000 cases of COVID-19 in the United States, the recommended measures to prevent spread have included “social distancing”,  “sheltering in place” is some parts of the country, and even restricting any face-to-face encounters depending on your health and living conditions. This separation, while necessary, can leave people of all ages feeling disconnected or…

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Why are Seniors Choosing San Diego as their Next Home?

4 million people retire every year.Just over 700 thousand people across the nation are experiencing the advantages of senior living communities. Occupancy rates are at 89%, and the number of new facilities continues to grow to meet the demand as over a quarter of of the US population enters retirement. So why are so many…

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SHPP’s Rob Perkins on U-T San Diego wsRADIO

​SHPP was selected by U-T San Diego to be a guest on Drew Schlosberg’s show during the 2018 Successful Aging Expo.​In this radio spot, you will hear from Rob ​Perkins, Founder and Managing Partner of Senior Home Purchase Program​.  Rob shares a brief history of why SHPP was created, how it works and an…

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Van Cupples Joins SHPP as Director of Sales & Business Development

Senior Home Purchase Program is excited to announce that Van Cupples has joined our team as the Director of Sales & Business Development.  You may already know Van through her noteworthy contributions in the senior living industry, most recently as the regional Director of Sales & Marketing at Pacifica Senior Living and, prior to that,…

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Aging Courageously Workshop

We are very fortunate that Dr. Ken Druck has partnered with us to enhance the service we offer to seniors who are transitioning into senior living. As part of this partnership, he has offered to provide our closest business partners’ residents, prospective residents and family members the opportunity to experience his workshop on “Courageous Aging”.…

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