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Spotlight: Elder Answers

A Trusted Senior Care Consultant For San Diego County For eight years Lise Marquis with Elder Answers has been helping San Diego County families find the most appropriate senior living and senior care setting for their loved ones. There are hundreds of senior care providers in San Diego County, and it’s nearly impossible for families…

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The Top Four Benefits of Growing Older

As you enter the next stage in your life, growing older may seem daunting at first. Perhaps you have been considering moving into a senior living community, but have been concerned about the effects of aging.In reality, growing older–and surrounding yourself with similar-aged peers–can be a very positive life development.While it is difficult to understand…

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Eat Well, Live Well – Top 5 Foods for Senior Health

It’s no secret to most that life expectancy has much improved over the last 100 years. An American born in 1900 could expect to live 47 years, on average. An American born in 2014 could expect to live 79 years. That is 32 extra years of life in just 114 years! But the good news…

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Top 3 Ways Technology Helps Seniors Stay Connected

Many people over the age of 65 spent much of their lives without a computer. They most certainly didn’t have technology classes in grade school much less owning a cell phone for constant accessibility, so learning how to connect in a virtual world can be a bit intimidating if they’re just now starting to think…

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